February 2022 Venue Tours & Planning Parties!

Attend our upcoming tour & planning events! 

Sign up to attend our next Plan Your Wedding Pop up Party and/or our open venue Tours.   Ideal for couples touring our venue and couples already booked at Butterfly Kisses Pavilion.

Open Tours:   02/23/22, 02/28/22 (4-6pm, MUST RSVP) & 03/05/22 from 11am-1pm, must RSVP)

Plan Your Wedding Pop Up Party:  02/26/22 (11-1pm, MUST RSVP)

Click Venue Tour & Planning Party Calendar to go ahead and access our available dates

Wedding Planning is FUN!
Yes, we just said that!   

We give you a chance to plan your wedding day ALL YEAR LONG.  Check out the upcoming planning opportunities with Butterfly Kisses Pavilion.  Some require you to sign up, rsvp, or register. Best of All, they are FREE to attend.

Wedding planning is done all different ways these days.  It can be overwhelming planning a wedding especially attending a large wedding expo or searching online for your wedding day needs as you are typically exposed to a ton of wedding & event professionals but it’s hard to know where to begin.    Butterfly Kisses Pavilion participates in various wedding planning "opportunities" throughout the year but we have 3 wedding planning event types that we host or participate in pretty regularly throughout the year.  Unlike wedding expos & wedding search engines, these events are intimate, laid back, FUN, EASY, and they happen often enough that if you miss one, chances are you can catch the next one.  Check them out….


Open Venue Tours:

Want or need to schedule your venue tour outside of our business hours

Butterfly Kisses Pavilion hosts an Open Venue Tour (great for new & repeat visitors planning their wedding or touring the venue) monthly.  We typically hold these types of tours on an evening or weekend day to accomodate your busy schedule.   What can you expect at either of these Tour options

  • Tour the venue at your leisure
  • Guided Tours
  • See what’s new at BKP
  • Viewing of the Reclaimed Remnants Event Decor Closet
  • Chat with Katrina about your big day

    Bring your family, friends, and planning partners to show your wedding venue!
    Laid back and easy, just attend to accomplish whatever you need to accomplish with us or just enjoy a walk through your beautiful venue!

Plan Your Wedding Pop up Party

We LOVE to get together with our favorite wedding day professionals throughout the year and throw these intimate and fabulous planning parties.  Whether you are just getting started with your wedding day planning or you are looking for that last professionals, We provide you with:

  • All of the things you can do at an open tour 
  • Guided tour during the first 1/2 hours of the party (perfect for couples needing to tour the venue)
  • Samples of Sweets & Eats
  • Beverage tastings
  • Talk time with the professionals & Katrina (venue director)
  • Wedding day tablescapes * Inspirations
  • and more!!

Didn’t we tell you Wedding Planning is Fun!  We will continue to share wedding planning opportunities as they come along.   


RSVP for as many as you want to attend!   

Click Venue Tour & Planning Party Calendar

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