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Linen Options: 

Refer to your Honeybook EPF for guidance!  Below you will find out see our Linen Catalog & Our In-House Specialty Linens.

Actual selections of color choices will be done with your Table EPF.   
Color selections are confirmed at your final planning consultation.  

Linen Catalog

We have Partnered with Choice Linens to provide you with premium linens in an array of colors!   
Refer to pages 4 & 5 for the color selections included in our packages for your table cloths, sash runners, & napkins


In house Specialty Linens

Currently this selection is limited but it's still a great option for your fabrics.   
We offer extra long gauzy runners in a variety of colors.   These runners drape and puddle on the ends of our farmhouse tables.   Perfect for that boho/whismy vibe.  

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