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How we got started...

Butterfly Kisses Pavilion was an unexpected dream we came upon. The owners, Jeff & Sharon Shultz have built several different businesses that thrive on family values & quality workmanship but did not expect to form a business in the planning of one our daughters’ wedding. Having a family that consists of 3 daughters & one son, Jeff and Sharon have had their share of planning weddings, & other events. So when their middle child, Katrina, showed up with a ring on her finger they hit the ground running to plan a wedding.

After looking into venues spanning from Morehead City to Wilmington, they found several venue options that were unique but not quite what they were looking for. They had a plot of land cleared out for a small business project that hadn’t started yet. The original plan was to put a temporary feature such as a tent on the property but as the wedding design was laid out, the tent no longer fit the plan. Inspired during their travels to Vermont, a rustic pavilion fit the scene perfectly. They wanted something that was outdoors, offered plenty of southern trees and floral features for a touch of elegance but also had an atmosphere that allowed guests to be comfortable. The pavilion was designed.

The Creation of BKP

Jeff’s dedicated family & amazing team of employees from J &S Landscape and Design moved forward with creating the barn. In a period of just 7 months, Jeff & his daughter moved mountains of dirt and his team put together the parts & features of the space. The pavilion was built using rough cut timber, vaulted ceilings, and scrap brick pavers for the floor. A courtyard was added & included a fire pit to add more to the outdoor atmosphere. The pergola was placed in front of the pond, & the garden beds were decorated with their daughter’s favorite trees & plants.

The week prior to the wedding things still were not yet complete at the pavilion. Seven months is a short amount of time to build a venue, run a business & plan a wedding. Three days prior to the wedding the sod was laid (by the bride, her maid of honor and bridesmaid aka the Shultz Girls (Katrina, Sarah, & Jenny), the final layers of paint were put on the building & the ceremony site was finished. On June 11, 2011, Butterfly Kisses Pavilion held their first wedding.

What's in a name?  Jeff Sr. didn't stop his creativety or his dedication to his family at the building.  The name 'Butterfly Kisses' comes from a song by Bob Carlisle that he had dedicated to youngest daughter.   It tells a story about a dad watching his daughter grown up and getting married and always having to look back to 'Butterfly Kisses' as a memory of their relationship.   Butterfly Kisses has been used in many of the Father - Daughter dances at BKP.    Go give it a listen!  It's a beautiful song.  


Butterfly Kisses Today!

Today the venue has an expanded front entrance, added pavilion windows, ceremony benches, custom farmhouse tables, a dressing suite, covered terrace courtyard with an outdoor fireplace  and much more.  Future improvements and updates to the pavilion and the grounds are happening each year!

Since 2011, we have provided a place for people to create memories for their weddings, reunions, showers, parties & more. We hope that you choose to create new memories with us for your next event.

I’m Katrina Naylor. This is me and my family (The Shultz’s) and this is Our Story.

Butterfly Kisses Pavilion,
A Beautiful Place to have a Beautiful Wedding
Est. 2011


My name is Katrina Naylor.
Venue Director~Certified Wedding Planner

The business side: Katrina Naylor started with the family business a long time ago but then left for school in Wilmington N.C. She has worked in many different industries in her worklife from working at the local skating rink to a career in banking, Weddings and events was the last thing she ever thought she would do. After having the first wedding at BKP, it was known that BKP would need someone to get things going. Not knowing anything about the wedding and event industry, Katrina took on the task of getting BKP into business along with the help of her family. Working at BKP was a part time gig to Katrina’s banking career. Shortly after the wedding, her family started to grow and a career change was a must. Her parents offered an office position at their parent company, J&S Landscape and Design. This position allowed her to start focusing more the venue and allowed her to bring the kiddos with her to work.  After working with couples and helping them with their big days, Katrina had discovered she wanted more. She went to The Bridal Society and became a certified wedding planner. She now owns and operates her own planning company in addition to being the venue director at BKP. Her favorite part about weddings is the set up: Seeing the couples and all of the professionals hard work come together creating the reality of the vision.  

The Fun Side: Katrina’s has two beautiful boys, along with her husband Dan. While work takes up a lot of time and effort, it does not stop her from enjoying her life.   She spends lots of time hanging out with her big family (The Shultz’s) and her little family (hubs, two kids, and a few furbabies), helping her kids grow in school & through sports, and taking traveling to explore new places.   When she’s not chasing after the boys or planning a trip, she’s binge watching hulu, visting the beach, shopping, and hanging out with her friends.  Katrina is a HUGE Harry Potter nerd....she's read the books approximately 550k times (this is an exaggeration).  She has a part of the first words Albus Dumbledore utters in the books tattooed on her foot..."Nitwit,Blubber", her ringtone is a remix of of Hedwig's theme, and one of her children's names is HP inspired.   Her favorite place in the whole world is anywhere in Scotland.   She cheers for the Atlanta Braves &  the New York Giants.   And Her favorite food is really everything...She likes to eat.    
Her favorite mantra that she lives by:   You can't sleep for yourself.
Just remember that when you find yourself burning the candle at both ends. ;) 

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