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  • Do you have a place for me to get ready at?
    Yes, we have a dressing suite available. It is large enough to share with both persons within the couple. The shared space can be divided with a curtain.
  • Do I need a wedding planner or coordinator for my wedding?
    Yes, you do but we do not require you to hire a wedding day manager or event coordinator unless your event exceeds 120 person count. We do highly recommend it. These professionals can ensure that all tasks are complete and that the flow of your day is seamless. Our very own Venue Sales and Service director is a certified wedding planner and offers Wedding & Event Management services via Southern Lace Weddings and Events.
  • Butterfly Kisses Pavilion is an outdoor venue. What do you do about pest?
    BKP is an outdoor venue, we strive our best to manage Mother Nature including year around pest control and ground maintenance. The week of your event we will fully inspect the venue for any pests that may need to be tended to and we continue to monitor our venue up to and throughout the event for pest. Our ground maintenance helps keep bugs and wildlife at our most possible minimum.
  • What is the maximum capacity of the venue?
    We offer various packages which some can go up to 120 person count however we can customize packages larger. Our venue space is versatile and we are able to extend shelter coverage throughout our property with tents to accommodate larger events. Please know that additional investments and efforts are required for events larger than 120 person.
  • Can I hold a date?
    Butterfly Kisses Pavilion does not hold dates.
  • What types of payments do you accept?
    We accept all major credit card, ach payments, checks, and cash. Check payments are not accepted less than 30 days out from the event. Please note a 4 % non cash payment fee is applied for credit card and debit card payments.
  • Do you require a security deposit?
    Yes, we require a refundable security deposit to be secured 30 days prior to the event. This deposit will be refunded upon completion of the event without any damages or excessive clean up.
  • Do I need to schedule an appointment to tour Butterfly Kisses Pavilion?
    Yes, We require anyone wanting to tour and visit our venue to schedule an appointment. We offer many opportunities to tour or visit our venue. Click on Schedule a tour to access our tour calendars. Also you can attend one of our Plan your Wedding Party & Tasting Events. If you are already booked with us, reach out to us via email or text to receive a consultation calendar.
  • Am I required to obtain special event insurance?
    When you go into contract you become the host of a private event. As the host you are responsible for anyone present at your event including guest and vendors. We do highly recommend event insurance however it is not required. Special event insurance has many different protections for a host; most hosts will consider it alone for the alcohol liability and/or cancellation services.
  • I see your list of preferred professionals, am I required to use them for my wedding service needs?
    The list of preferred professionals is available for you to use however is not required. Our preferred professionals are pre-approved and provide an excellent level of service. Should you provide your own professionals or service you may require additional verification and permissions to utilize your own vendors.
  • How do I book my date for my wedding or event?
    Reserving dates requires a nonrefundable date reservation fee of $800.00 and a signed contract provided by the host/responsible party. If the event is a wedding, we do require either one or both of the person(s) getting married to be one of the responsible parties.
  • What are your rental times?
    Rentals may be booked: Monday- Thursday- between 9 am-9pm Friday & Sunday between 9am -10pm Saturdays between 9 am -11pm. The amount of time available for your rental depends on the package you choose.
  • What happens in the event of inclement weather?
    When planning an outdoor event you should always consider a "plan b". Our facility does include the pavilion which is typically used for the reception part of the events. Couples have utilized this space as their "plan b" by having guests sit at their reception table and performing the ceremony in a centralized location. You may also consult with a local rental company to have a tent placed over the ceremony site or placed elsewhere on the grounds if you would like another option for plan 'b'.
  • Can I decorate the wedding Venue?
    As you may see throughout the website and on our instagram page we allow our hosts to decorate the venue as they prefer. There are some limitations due to safety and preventing damages.
  • Will someone from BKP be present during my wedding or event?
    Yes, we will have a director and any needed staff available for your event. Their duties include parking attendant and venue attendant. Our venue attendants will maintain the restrooms, manage the fire place, handle the windows, mini split, fans, venue provided items, manage trash receptacles, and are there for overall safety. They do not handle any coordination of the event or the production of the host's décor, you may hire a professional for this service.
  • What linens are included?
    Your venue rental will include, napkins and table sash runners for guest farm tables, table cloths for all service tables that are included within your package. We do have color choice options. Material upgrades or additional linen request are available however additional costs may apply.
  • What does the wedding venue rental package include?
    See our Affordable Venue Packages page for details on event rentals and weddings packages.
  • What is your alcohol policy?
    You may have alcohol served at your event. All alcohol MUST be provided & served by BKP. Any state and federal laws apply to events held at Butterfly Kisses Pavilion. Details can be found in our contract available to you upon booking an event. Should any rules or laws be broken it will be considered a breach of contract and the event will be cancelled immediately.
  • Are there date restrictions?
    We do have some packages that may have date restrictions. Packages such as our Wee Wedding, Elopement, & Intimate Wedding days have Saturday date restrictions. This does not mean they are not available. You may further inquire within our office.
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