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So here is your general wedding planning timeline from the point of view of Butterfly Kisses Pavilion.  This does not detail out your entire Wedding Planning Process as it is different for each couple.  But it does detail and share the general order of your planning process along with the order in which Butterfly Kisses Pavilion addresses your planning process.   

You will receive a series of emails, and most emails will include a "what to expect next" at the end of each email so you will always know what to look forward to in your venue planning process.  

Venue Planning Timeline Graphic

Client Portal

You have already interacted with Honeybook!  This is our Customer Management Software.   We utilize this along with a few other software and technology  to plan and manage your event.  

You will receive a series of Automated Emails and Event Planning Flows (EPFs)  through our Honeybook portal.  These emails are sent in Butterfly Kisses Pavilion, preferred and recommended order of planning.   


Now we know you may not check your email as often as we send (we encourage you to, in order to stay on the suggested tasks).  So in response to this possibility Honeybook offers a client portal that you can log in to view all the emails and Event Planning Flows.   Here is our quick link to access the Honeybook Portal.  If you have not already created a password, send an email or text to us requesting your Portal with password set up link.  

Head back to the Planning Portal to access: Partner Perks, Reclaimed Remnants selections, and more...
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