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Open Venue Tours at Butterfly Kisses Pavilion- August 2023

Want to tour one of Eastern NC's most beautiful and AFFORDABLE wedding venues? Attend one of our Upcoming BKP Planning Opportunities: Open Venue Tour at Butterfly Kisses Pavilion, August 11, 2023 or August 25, 2023 from anytime between 5:30-7:00pm

Butterfly Kisses Pavilion, located in Newport, N.C. is a rustic and romantic wedding venue that offers couples a Beautiful Place to have a Beautiful Wedding!

What is an Open Venue Tour at Butterfly Kisses Pavilion?

During an Open Venue Tour at Butterfly Kisses Pavilion, our wedding venue opens the gates and provides couples planning a wedding access to:

  • Tour the venue at their leisure

  • View our Reclaimed Remnant items from our Décor Closet

  • View our other amenities (linen swatches, tables, chairs, etc...)

  • Chat with the venue director (Katrina)

  • Plan their wedding with your vendors and planning support

Who can come to an Open Venue Tour at Butterfly Kisses Pavilion?

  • Engaged Couples planning their wedding and venue shopping! This is a perfect time to tour our venue. This isn't a guided tour, but our Venue Expert is on site to answer your questions.

  • Butterfly Kisses Pavilion Booked Couples planning their wedding! This is a perfect time to view our décor and start planning design details, floor plan, site visit with your vendors, chat with the venue director, and show off your wedding venue to your family and friends. This isn't a private consultation. We do offer up to 2 private consultations for our Booked couples.

When is this month's Open Venue Tours?

Typically scheduled 1-2 times per month between in the earlier parts of the evening. This is a come and go event. Attendees may visit the venue for their purpose during the times listed in the event.

  • August 11, 2023 5:30-7 pm

  • August 25, 2023 5:30-7 pm

How do I Attend an Open Venue Tour?

That is easy! RSVP times are for the entire event, attendees may come/go anytime during the event. RSVP here:

*Please note, if no RSVP's are made, the event will be cancelled. RSVP is required to attend. Please do not attend unless you have RSVP'd.

Check back for our First Love Story Post! We've been collecting all of these BEAUTIFUL moments of Love here at the venue(Past & Present), we cannot wait to share them with you!


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